ZZHK's works were selected for the European edition Contemporary Architecture. Masterpieces around the World

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瑞士BRAUN出版社(Braun Publishing AG)作为一家国际知名的专注于建筑、设计和城市发展的专业出版社,以清晰的设计理念和高质量的出版物著称。每年出版30-40本原版图书。Braun Publishing AG出版的书籍在国际上发行,因此其内容聚焦国际。

The newly published book Contemporary Architecture. Masterpieces around the World includes contemporary architectural masterpieces from around the world. Due to the selection of the work Holiday Inn Express E’mei Qiliping, ZZHK Architects is honored to be included in it.


本册正式出版的新书《Contemporary Architecture. Masterpieces around the World》,收录全球当代建筑杰作。中筑华恺【ZZHK Architects】以作品《七里坪智选假日酒店》荣幸被收录其中。

International design masters and famous teams including Calatrava, Steven Holl, SANAA, OMA, Renzo Piano, Kengo Kuma, Heatherwick, VTN, WOHA, UNStudio, MVRDV, Snøhetta, Ennead, Fuksas, Nikken Sekkei, etc. Chinese famous architects and teams include Zhu Pei, Zhang Lei, B.L.U.E., ZAO, etc.


收录作品的国际设计大师及知名团队有:卡拉特拉瓦、史蒂芬·霍尔、妹岛和世、OMA、伦佐·皮亚诺、隈研吾、赫斯维克、武重义、WOHA、 UNStudio、MVRDV、Snøhetta 、Ennead、Fuksas、日建……国内知名设计师及团队有:朱锫、张雷、青山周平、标准营造……

Introduction to the new book on the publisher's webpage:



Nearly exactly ten years after the publication of the Atlas of World Architecture, this new follow-up publication reviews the last architectural decade by means of current exemplary buildings from all continents. Not only have building tasks, techniques and styles changed greatly in the last decade, but the world has transformed, which is significantly reflected in global building culture. Conversion and sustainability have gained significantly in importance, and great innovative architecture has emerged in new regions.




The most diverse projects from temporary exhibition halls to mega airports are compiled and vividly presented in concise texts, accompanied by images and drawings. Contemporary Architecture. Masterpieces around the World is published as a new reference work that reflects the exciting diversity and remarkable achievements of current architecture worldwide. A particular focus is once again on presenting previously unknown masterpieces alongside the well-known highlights of today's world of construction.




Preface of the book:


It would be pretentious to claim that one can show the entire relevant World Architecture on 448 pages. But one can show a cross-section. With 278 buildings, this volume intends to provide an insight into contemporary architecture. Exactly ten years after the Atlas of World Architecture, it shows what has changed and developed in a decade. Once again, it shows the most diverse building tasks and techniques, while at the same time illustrating where new focal points have emerged. Although ecological building was already on everyone's lips in the first decade of the century, it is now impossible to imagine a building without being environmental friendly: Every single building is also be measured in terms of its sustain ability. Ecological considerations have become a basic; they join fundamental requirements such as static calculations or functionality for the respective use. Nevertheless, or precisely because of this, the issue of sustainability in architecture remains one of the most important drivers of innovation. The topographical focus has also changed: China has become a big player, has become the second pivot of global architectural development alongside Europe. In the Middle Kingdom, a particularly great diversity can be developed in formal terms. But in addition to these topographic focal points, numerous gems can be found in a wide variety of regions and countries.




Already well-known stars-some of them born before the Second World War - are represented in this book, as are many newcomers, and of course the established offices can also be found with highlights from recent years. No wonder, then, that perceptions of the task of appropriate and good design diverge widely. These architects and their ambitious clients demonstrate in their buildings the judicious use of carefully selected materials, attach importance to expert implementation, sometimes even craftsmanship, and want to use the stylistic expression of the individual commission to make a statement f- about the art of building, about the building task, about clients or simply about relevant architecture. While this volume cannot, of course, predict the future development of style, it can show where the development might be heading by gathering buildings that have the ambition and meet all the requirements to secure a permanent place for themselves in the course of architectural history. And so, it should awaken the desire for further development, should show what is possible, what might become the new normal and spread new approaches, so that architecture keeps on developing.