BRAUN新书《China: The New Creative Power in Architecture》ZZHK 入选
2021-08-03 09:57:34

总部位于德国柏林的BRAUN出版社作为一家国际知名建筑、设计专业出版社,每年出版40余本专业书刊。本册将于2021年09月21日正式出版的新书《China: The New Creative Power in Architecture》,收录了54家在中国执业的设计机构。ZZHK  Architects作为唯一落址非东部沿海地区的设计团队入选本书名录。

本书收录的设计机构包含:Dna_Design and Architecture、B.L.U.E. Architecture Studio、SWA Group、Neri&Hu Design and Research Office、MAD Architects、Hui Wang丨Urbanus、AZL Architects、Studio Zhu Pei、Turenscape、Wutopia Lab等国内外创意设计团队。






In 2012 at the latest, when a Chinese architect received the prestigious Pritzker Prize for the first time ever, the professional community started noticing and realizing that contemporary Chinese building culture is among the most innovative and adventurous found anywhere today. It is truly amazing how the technically most daring designs can be implemented within the shortest possible time. At the same time, Chinese architects mediate between modernity and architectural tradition and turn to regional typologies to rediscover traditional craft techniques.

This volume features a wide range of typologies, styles, sizes, and locations that have one thing in common — their designers hail from China and have made the world of architecture stop and take notice of their work.



       从2012年首位中国建筑师获得享有盛誉的普利兹克奖,建筑界便开始意识到中国建筑文化正在成为当今最具创新与冒险的代表之一。令人非常惊讶的是这些在技术上非常大胆的设计是怎么在最短的时间内落地实施的。 与此同时,中国建筑师游走于现代和传统之间,重新焕起传统工艺技术,形成一种值得研究的地域类型。